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For Immediate Release: Tuesday, June 5, 2001


TUCSON, Ariz. — The 2001 Louisville Slugger Freshmen All-American team features a who’s who of tremendous baseball talent.

The team is headed by Collegiate Baseball newspaper’s Freshmen National Players of The Year in LHP Lane Mestepey of Louisiana St. and 1B Jamie D’Antona of Wake Forest. Mestepey was the Tigers’ ace of the pitching staff with an 11-3 record as he registered four complete games. He posted a 3.83 ERA with 73 strikeouts and 36 walks in 129 1/3 innings. D’Antona was a first team All-Atlantic Coast Conference pick and hit .364 with 17 homers and 14 doubles which included 77 RBI.

Here is a rundown on the 2001 Louisville Slugger Freshmen All-American team as chosen by Collegiate Baseball newspaper:

LHP Lane Mestepey, Louisiana St. — The Tigers’ ace of the pitching staff, Collegiate Baseball’s National Freshman Co-Player of The Year, had an 11-3 record with four complete games. He registered a 3.83 ERA with 73 strikeouts and 36 walks in 129 1/3 innings.
RHP Jack Collins, Stetson — Posted a 10-0 record, 3.80 ERA and fanned 36 batters with 19 walks.
LHP Sean Marshall, Virginia Commonwealth — Rookie of the Year in the Colonial Conference, Marshall ran up a 9-1 record, 1.89 ERA and 45 strikeouts with 25 walks.
RHP Bryan Gale, Michigan St. — Registered a 9-0 record with 2.97 ERA, 2 complete games and 51 strikeouts with 24 walks.
RHP Mike Collar, Maine — Rookie of the Year in the America East Conference, Collar posted an 8-0 record and 3.55 ERA with 45 strikeouts and only 13 walks.
Darric Merrell, Cal. St. Fullerton — Posted 6-2 record and 1.85 ERA with 63 strikeouts and 32 walks.
LHP Kyle Bakker, Georgia Tech. — Bakker posted a 2.18 ERA with a 4-0 record and 46 strikeouts as he only walked 8.
LHP Chris Tracz, Marist — Posted 8-0 record with 2.14 ERA and registered 5 complete games with 62 strikeouts and only 9 walks.
LHP John Williams, Middle Tennessee St. — Had a 6-1 record and 4.26 ERA with 48 strikeouts and 32 walks.
LHP Josh Newman, Ohio St. — Registered a 7-2 record with a 3.51 ERA and 39 strikeouts with 20 walks.
LHP Justin Simmons, Texas — Posted a 7-3 record, 2.55 ERA and 4 complete games with 39 strikeouts and 18 walks.
Clark Girardeau, South Alabama — Had an 8-2 record, 3.61 ERA and 2 complete games. He also struck out 53 batters and walked 27.
LHP Paul Maholm, Missi-ssippi St. — Fanned 65 batters while walking only 24 with a 5-3 record and 4.72 ERA for the Bulldogs.
Andrew Paolillo, Fordham — Had a 6-3 record and 2.92 ERA with 31 strikeouts and 15 walks.
Justin Moore, Texas A&M — Fanned 43 batters with only 13 walks as he went 6-3 on the season with a 2.88 ERA.
Scott Baker, Oklahoma St. — Posted 6-2 record with 4.05 ERA. He struck out 40 batters and walked 20.
RHP Rene Recio, Oral Roberts — Registered a 6-1 record, 2.77 ERA and fanned 72 batters with 25 walks.
RHP Mateo Miramontes, Nevada — Fanned 67 batters while posting an 8-2 record and 4.50 ERA with 2 complete games.

Relief Pitchers

Chad Cordero, Cal. St. Fullerton — Posted 11 saves, 2-2 record and 1.76 ERA. On the season, he fanned 45 batters and walked only 9.
Joe Weaver, Oklahoma St. — A first team Big 12 selection as well as Big 12 Freshman Co-Pitcher of The Year, Weaver posted a 7-0 record, 1.59 ERA and struck out 26 batters while walking only 7.
Adam Yates, Mississippi — Registered a 7-1 record with 4 saves and 2.43 ERA as he fanned 55 batters with 34 walks.
Bob Zimmermann, S.W. Missouri St. — Had a 7-2 record, 5 saves and 2.02 ERA with 49 strikeouts and 13 walks.
George Huguet, Miami (Fla.) — Posted 12 saves in 38 appearances with 2.48 ERA.
Justin Su’a, Brigham Young — A first team Mountain West Conference selection, he appeared in 16 games with a 3-0 record, 2.43 ERA and 18 strikeouts with 4 walks.


Mitch Maier, Toledo — A first team Mid-American Conference selection, Maier hit .424 with 3 HR, 8 2B and 34 RBI.
Jay Aulds, Louisiana-Monroe — Hit .422 this season with 6 doubles, 12 RBI and 4 stolen bases.
Javi Herrera, Tennessee — Solid defensive catcher who hit .288 with 5 HR, 11 2B, and 30 RBI for the Volunteers.
Tony Richie, Florida St. — Superb defensive catcher who hit .290 with 3 homers, 14 2B and 30 RBI for the Seminoles in his first season.

First Basemen

Jamie D’Antona, Wake Forest — A first team All-Atlantic Coast Conference pick, D’Antona was named Collegiate Baseball’s Freshman National Co-Player of The Year as he hit .364 with 17 homers and 14 doubles which included 77 RBI.
Bryan Zenchyk, Stetson — Freshman of The Year in the Trans America Conference, Zenchyk hit .404 with 14 doubles, 3 homers and 36 RBI in 171 at bats this season.
Logan Sorensen, Wichita St. — Sorensen hit .363 with 14 doubles, 5 homers and 30 RBI this season for the Shockers with 5 stolen bases.

Second Basemen

Steve Sollmann, Notre Dame — Rookie of The Year in the Big East Conference, Sollmann was a first team Big East selection as well as he hit .374 for the Fighting Irish.
Robert Deeb, Brown — A first team Ivy League selection, Deeb hit .404 with 9 doubles, 20 RBI and 15 stolen bases. His 63 hits were a freshman record.


Omar Quintanilla, Texas — A first team selection and Freshman Player of The Year in the Big 12 Conference, Quintanilla hit .367 with 22 doubles, 2 homers and 37 RBI. He also swiped 8 bases.
Brian McKenna, Towson St. — Chosen as a second team America East selection, McKenna hit .300 with 11 doubles and 32 RBI.

Third Basemen

Brian Snyder, Stetson — Snyder, who made the All-Freshman team with the Trans America Conference, hit .350 with 5 HR, 15 2B and 45 RBI.
Mike Westfall, Utah — Freshman of the Year in the Mountain West Conference, Westfall hit .354 with 8 HR, 17 2B, and 45 RBI.
Myron Leslie, South Florida — A member of the All-Freshmen team in Conference USA, Leslie hit .370 with 13 2B, 3 HR and 31 RBI. He also swiped 15 of 16 bases.
Eric Wilson, St. Bona-venture — Hit .374 with 11 doubles, 2 homers and 18 RBI this season.
Adam Fox, Ohio — Fox hit .364 with 8 HR, 16 2B, 37 RBI and swiped 5 bases this season.


Carlos Quentin, Stanford — Named Freshman of The Year in the Pac-10 Conference and a first team Pac-10 pick, Quentin hit .352 with 11 homers and 45 RBI.
Rod Allen, Arizona St. — Hit .396 for the Sun Devils with 12 doubles, 4 HR, and 39 RBI. He also swiped 5 bases.
Sam Steidl, Minnesota — Hit .421 with 12 doubles, 26 RBI and stole 13 bases.
Chris Dickerson, Nevada — A first team Western Athletic Conference selection, Dickerson hit .320 with 11 homers, 11 2B and 42 RBI.
Rickie Weeks, Southern — Tied for the most triples in the nation with 12, Weeks also was a key RBI producer with 69.
Doug Deeds, Ohio St. — Hit .339 with 11 homers, 13 doubles and 42 RBI for the Buckeyes.
Brian Anderson, Arizona — Hit .362 with 7 doubles, 6 triples and 31 RBI. He also had 8 stolen bases as the starting centerfielder for the Wildcats.
Kendall Schlabach, Youngstown St. — A first team Mid-Continent pick, he hit .426 with 8 doubles, 20 RBI and swiped 16 bases.
Brent Johnson, Nevada — Led the team with 16 doubles, Johnson also hit .321 with 12 stolen bases and committed just three errors all season long.
Matt Murton, Georgia Tech. — Murton hit .377 with 7 homers, 12 2B and knocked in 35 runs.
Bill Snyder, Ball St. — Hit .336 with 8 HR, 7 doubles and 29 RBI.
Javon Moran, Auburn — Swiped 22 bases for the Tigers as he hit .300 with 12 doubles and 33 RBI.

Multiple Position Athlete

Michael Aubrey, Tulane — Conference USA Freshman of The Year and a first team Conference USA selection, Aubrey hit .360 with 13 HR, 15 2B and 64 RBI. He posted a 2-0 record and 5.36 ERA as a pitcher.
Designated Hitter        
Jeremy West, Arizona St. — Hit .316 with 6 HR, 8 2B, 33 RBI and swiped 2 bases.

Honorable Mention

Pitchers: Josh Gray, Lamar; Kyle Sleeth, Wake Forest; Aaron Braden, Wright St.; Austin Faught, Houston; Trent Peterson, Florida St.; Zach Minor, Northern Illinois; Burt Clark, Central Florida; David Sanders, Wichita St.; Erroll Simonitsch, Gonzaga; Lee Graves, Louisiana-Monroe; Ryan Mentkowski, Iowa; Bobby Sawicki, Southwest Texas; Brad Sullivan, Houston; Brian Jones, Mercer; Chris Pillsbury, Florida Atlantic; Gene Flores, Houston; Jesse Corn, Jacksonville St.; John Uhl, South Florida; Paul Lubrano, Central Florida; Rob Finch, Campbell; Tony Maynard, Cincinnati; Mark Kaiser, Arizona; Matt Farnum, Texas A&M; Sean Rierson, Arizona; Mark Roberts, Oklahoma; Mike Moat, San Diego St.; Steve Grasley, Creighton; Adam Hanson, Wake Forest; Kevin Miller, Bucknell; Matt Brown, California; Robert Ransom, Vanderbilt; Brandon Bartos, Marshall; Eric Everson, Gonzaga; Matthew Pena, Pacific; Paul Lubrano, Central Florida; Quinn McGinnis, Cal Poly; Mike Esposito, Arizona St.; Aaron Klusman, Arizona St.; Scooter Michael, N.C. Greensboro; Mike Vasquez, U.C. Santa Barbara; Zach Minor, Northern Illinois; Pat Farnum, Texas A&M; Brian Montalbo, California; Joey Pace, Long Beach St.; Ryan Schroyer, Arizona St.; Grant Harper, Marshall; Matt Fasquez, U.C. Santa Barbara.

Infielders: Dan Batz, Rhode Island; Mike Moon, Southern California; Jim Lipinski, Youngs-town St.; Ryan Nance, Butler; Bennett Stapf, Winthrop; Dan Soukup, Belmont; Jamie Boyer, Binghamton; Mike Costello, Towson St.; Trevor Stocking, Northern Illinois; Matthew Brinson, Mississippi St.; Jeremy West, Arizona St.; Mike Hofius, Long Beach St.; Anthony Giarratano, Tulane; Anthony Giudice, St. Francis (N.Y.); Jelani Arnold, N.Y. Tech.; Kevin Roberts, Siena; Trent Matthews, Wright St.; Matt Tolbert, Mississippi; Mike Kelly, Monmouth; Jeff Palumbo, George Mason; Shawn Smarsh, Wichita St.; Jeff Probst, Florida St.; Steve Garrabrants, Arizona St.; Derek Norman, Furman; Hyung Cho, Houston; Rusty Brown, Florida Atlantic; Mike Serafini, Evansville, Conor Jackson, California; Kyle Wilson, Cal Poly; Steve Gendrom, Mississippi St.; Darrell Preston, Texas-Arlington; Kory Casto, Portland; Craig Alexander, Lafayette; Garrett Greer, Georgia St.; Colt Morton, North Carolina St.; Greg Blaesing, Illinois St.; David Castillo, Oral Roberts; Josh Hansen, Wake Forest; Dan Batz, Rhode Island; Joe Denson, Samford; Jeff Dragicevich, California; Jon Gore, Winthrop.

Outfielders: Adam Rosenberg, Lafayette; Austin Davis, Rice; Bryan Pritz, Richmond; Casey McGehee, Fresno St.; Joey Prast, San Diego; Mark Jurich, Louisville; Matt Kutler, Brown; Matt Moye, Old Dominion; Michael Bourn, Houston; Michael Molinini, St. Francis (N.Y.); Robert Hosgood, Central Con-necticut St.; Sam Fuld, Stanford; Scott Shirrell, Dartmouth; Thomas Bowker, Charlotte; Adam Boeve, Northern Iowa; Brian Hall, Stanford; Brian Horwitz, California; Christian Snavely, Ohio St.; David Coffey, Georgia; David Gresky, Northwestern; Jasha Balcom,. College of Charleston; Lee Laskowski, Missouri; Peter Stonard, Alabama; Andrew Toussaint, Cal Poly; Anthony Gwynn, San Diego St.; Ben Harrison, Florida; Billy Saul, Cal Poly; Joe Jacobitz, UNLV; Joe Salas, New Mexico; Paul Macaluso, Long Beach St.; Ryan Jones, East Carolina; Jared Walker, Austin Peay; Brent Johnson, Nevada; Chalon Tietje, Cal Poly; Jerrold Brock, Chicago St.; Nick Walsh, Arizona St.; Aaron Hill, Louisiana St..

Other Positions: Cortland Wilson, Hawaii; Doug Hehner, Pace; Mitch Walk, William & Mary; Wade Miller, Troy St.; Brad Beatty, S.E. Missouri St.; Jeff Hiestand, Brigham Young; Brent Lewis, Mississippi St.; Steve LeFaivre, Wake Forest; Tim D’Aquila, Central Connecticut St.; Brian Mitchell, C.W. Post; Chris Poynter, Austin Peay.


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